BuzzTV HD5 16GB

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Sleek and discrete, the HD5 is our latest portable model designed to hide behind your TV. Plenty of power to stream the content you want, all wrapped up in a package that's travel friendly. 

The HD5 uses the latest generation Amlogic Quad Core processor with 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM which gives you lightning-fast navigation.

Running on Android 11™, apps are now optimized to allow you to merge your existing solutions into one box for a true “All-In-One” solution.

With 16GB of internal storage the HD5 has space to download your favorite content. 

Our HD5 comes standard with our brand-new BT-400 Smart Remote that allows you to easily control your TV’s Power button, Volume control and TV source input.

Built Inside the HD5 is our new Buzztv Smart Remote App. With this app you can automatically pair your TV to the BT-400 Smart Remote, turn the backlight on and off and program the four-color keys on the remote for quick access to your favorite apps.

The BuzzTV 5 app is the next generation of streaming. Optimized is an understatement in the evolution of BuzzTV 5 OS.  Years of continuous improvement and innovation are woven in its DNA.

PVR allows you to record programming for later playback. 

🔥 WiFi/BT - Traditional WiFi antennas are wires taped inside the housing. Our WiFi and BT antennas are built directly on the PCBA board which provides a greater performance from previous models.

🔥 2T 2R - Built In Dual Antennas provide a significant increase in range to and from your router.

🔥 BT Pairing Button - We integrated a physical button on the side of the HD5 for Bluetooth pairing.

🔥 BT 5 - Most up-to-date version of BT for the best connection to the BT-400 remote. 

🔥 905y4 - This new chipset from AMLogic is 10% faster in operation speed compared to our previous Vidstick.

🔥 Android 11 – The HD5 incorporates the most modern OS.

🔥 Built-in LAN Port - The integrated LAN port allows for more stable internet over wired connections.

🔥 Built-in HDMI – We have incorporated the HDMI cable directly to the HD5 for flexibility and strength. Attaching the HD5 to your TV is a snap and can be easily removed for convenient travel.

🔥 BT-400 Remote - New for 2022 is our most advanced remote. The BT-400 is a Bluetooth smart remote with an auto TV learning feature.

🔥 BuzzTV Smart Remote App - Control your backlight, Auto TV Source pairing and color button programming through our new BuzzTV Smart Remote App that is Pre-installed on HD5.

🔥 Bluetooth Range - Between the built in Bluetooth on the PCBA, and the BT-400 remote, connectivity and response is significantly better. The HD5 has double the Bluetooth range compared to our original Vidstick.

🔥 Brand New Housing – Modern design elements to offer you even more functionality.

🔥 USB-C Power - Better flexibility for powering your HD5.

🔥 BuzzTV 5 App - Standard

🔥 TV App Store / TV App version – Two app stores to help you find the apps that you want.

Note:  Hardware only, BuzzTV does not sell or give advice on streaming services