BuzzTV Essential ARQ-220 RGB Air Mouse Remote Control

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Introducing The All New BuzzTV Essential ARQ-220 Wireless Air Mouse With RGB + Full QWERTY Keyboard Remote for Buzz TV Box

Upgrade your Existing BuzzTV IR Remote to BuzzTV Essential ARQ-220 Air Mouse Keyboard Remote Control

This Remote Control Is Compatible with ALL BuzzTV Boxes and Other Android Devices (Not all buttons will work with other Android boxes)

  • BuzzTV XR 4000 Set Top Box
  • BuzzTV XRS 4000  Set Top Box
  • BuzzTV XR 4500  Set Top Box
  • BuzzTV XRS 4500 Set Top Box
  • BuzzTV XRS 4900 Set Top Box
  • BuzzTV Essential E1 Set Top Box
  • BuzzTV Essential E2 Set Top Box
  • BuzzTV Essential E2 SE Set Top Box

*** Batteries NOT included. Requires 2x AAA batteries.