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New for 2022 is our most advanced remote, the BT-400. The BT-400 is a smart remote that works in conjunction with our new BuzzTV Smart Remote App. This app allows you to source pair the BT-400 remote directly to your TV; which allows you to control the TV Power On/Off feature, Volume up and down, and TV input source.

The BT-400 is our fastest most responsive remote yet. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable in the hand, while the buttons are strategically placed for ease of use. In addition, the battery life has been extended and the range has been improved by 50%.

The BuzzTV Smart Remote App also allows you to view your battery level in the remote, program the four colored buttons for quick app access and turn on and off your remote backlight.


The BuzzTV Smart Remote App is currently available on the X5, HD5 and U5 models.

Our new BuzzTV Smart Remote App was built in tandem with the BT-400 Remote. Within the app you are able to: 

  • BT Pair your remote to your box (X5, HD5, & U5)
  • View/Update the BT-400 Remote Firmware.
  • View your battery life percentage
  • Automatically pair and control your remote to your TV 
  • Control your TV & box Volume with one remote
  • Control your TV source Input
  • Turn on or off the remote backlight
  • Program your app shortcut color buttons 


This Remote will function as a BT-300 replacement. 

The BT-400 requires the Buzz TV Smart Remote app. It is currently available on the X5, U5, and HD5 models.

The app cannot be downloaded or added to any other product.

Batteries not included.