BuzzTV X5 AX-C 64GB

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The X5 AX-C builds on the success of our X5 Al following BuzzTV’s embrace of Kaizen, the Japanese term meaning change for the better or continuous improvement.  

Our X5 AX-C media player for Android™ now includes WiFi 6 as well as a Type-C power port for added convenience! All while keeping the elegantly designed triple anodized aluminum enclosure with greater thermal reduction.

The X5 uses the latest generation AMLogic Quad Core processor that is maxed out with 4GB of DDR4 RAM which gives you lightning-fast navigation.

Apps are now optimized to allow you to merge your existing solutions into one box for a true “All-In-One” solution.

Available in two versions, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, the X5 AX-C has plenty of space to download your favorite content. Included with the 128GB is a universal power adaptor kit.

Our X5 AX-C comes standard with our BT-400 Smart Remote that allows you to easily control your TV’s Power button, Volume control and TV input source.

Experience the speed and stability of Wi-Fi 6, built into the X5 AX-C. Wi-Fi 6 is the most modern Wi-Fi Spec. It allows for greater speeds, lower latency delays, and increased efficiency when using multiple devices on your network.

Built Inside the X5 AX-C is our new BuzzTV Smart Remote App. With this app you can automatically pair your TV to the BT-400 Smart Remote, turn the backlight on and off and program the four-color keys on the remote for quick access to your favorite apps.

The BuzzTV 5 app is the next generation of streaming. Optimized is an understatement in the evolution of BuzzTV 5 OS. Years of continuous improvement and innovation are woven in its DNA.


Our proprietary “No Hassle PVR+” allows you to set scheduled programming to record the shows you want to watch. 

💥 Wi-Fi 6 - The latest generation of Wi-Fi, now built into the X5 AX-C. Enjoy faster speeds and stronger connections with Wi-Fi 6.

💥 USB-C Power - Added convenience for powering your X5 AX-C.

💥  2T 2R -  Dual external antennas now provide 1.5 dB gain which boosts the TX power to the router by 50 percent.

💥 AMLogic 905x4 - This latest chipset from AMLogic is 10% faster in operation speed compared to 905x3.

💥 Android 11 - Improved speed and support.

💥 BT-400 Remote - Is our most advanced remote; The Bt-400 is a BT smart remote with an auto TV learning feature.

💥 BuzzTV Smart Remote App - Control your backlight, Auto TV Source pairing, and color button programming through our brand new BuzzTV Smart Remote App.

💥 BuzzTV 5 App - Is standard.

💥 PVR+ - Allows the box to wake up and record a program by itself

💥 TV App Store  / TV App version - True 4K streaming on most supported streaming services and offers TV Optimized apps. 

💥 All Aluminum Construction - Our all-new design is a Triple Anodized Aluminum shell used for thermal efficiency and provides an elevated look and feel. 

💥 Gigabit LAN Port - The Gigabit LAN port allows for the fastest and most stable internet over wired connections.

Note:  Hardware only, BuzzTV does not sell or give advice on streaming services